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She cut off the tattoo of he ex’s name, put it in a jar and mailed it to him.



Fuck that I would’ve put a sharpie to use


Christina Ricci photographed by Mary Ellen Mark for Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow (via)

Anonymous asked
You are literally only 18 and telling a 15 year old not to worry about being fit? If you want to be fit at any age, go out there and be fit! Acting like people younger than you don't deserve your time is more than slightly rude yo...





15 is so young to be worried about counting calories and losing weight
some people arent even done with puberty at that age im not being rude but damn thats way too early to be stressing out about that stuff.
stay active run around play sports go outside dont stress at 15 like you just got out of middle school last year

As a person who’s been in and out of the gym since I was 12 and on and off diets since I was 10, I can tell you that 15 is not an age to worry about calories and losing weight. It makes you unhappy and bitter when you get older

Seriously. I was counting calories when I was 12. Your body changes soooo much during puberty, all you need to be focusing on is learning how to eat healthy foods the majority of the time and how to stay active. I had the “staying active” part down. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten caught up in counting calories and beginning the cycle of binging and purging as a result.

Yes holy hell! I say this all the time but I get yelled at a lot for it. There’s no reason for children to be trying to workout and lose weight and gain muscle. Play sports, that will keep your active and enough exercise for you. Children don’t need that stress in their life. Unless you’re told by a doctor and you’re severely over weight you don’t need to be “working out”. Then people come at you saying “you can be active at any age, bitch” LIKE YES I JUST SAID THAT. Being active doesn’t mean you have to rigorously workout as a child…play sports man and be happy.